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In 2014 I worked with a startup company out of Rochester, NY called Adventive over a 6-week long project engagement. Adventive is a company that specializes in delivering rich, highly animated ad campaigns, of which are created through an intelligent dashboard application. When we first got into contact it was clear that they were in a place that would necessitate a new marketing design since they were ramping up their application separately from the marketing design.

As we began talking about the requirements of the project more and more I was also given the task of developing the marketing design. Given the timeline of the project, we were only able to commission desktop version of the site.


My role on the project was split between developing the aesthetic of the Adventive brand and marketing site as a designer, as well as developing a Custom Wordpress solution to manage the content being curated on the site.


Since the project was limited to about 6-weeks for both design and development, I opted to keep most of the current site's information architecture and user experience with a few exceptions. Elements such as the global navigation and sticky navigation elements were nice additions to the base UX design. After getting through the design phase, developing the marketing site on Wordpress was crucial since the client was already adept at the platform.

Additionally, I opted to make the installation much more extensible with the use of Advanced Custom Fields in order to create more editable areas all over the site instead of being limited to Standard Wordpress editable features. Generally speaking, I wanted to make use of the full viewport, and create a nice scrolling experience.


One of the target audiences for Adventive is creative professionals and agencies so setting the scene for that was important when selecting the homepage imagery.


A couple visual elements that I repeated in a few areas was computer circuitry and graphs. After meeting them they seemed very optimization-oriented with a slight hacker-style to their culture.

About Page

Being from Rochester, they wanted to represent that as much as possible on the about page with the use of beautifully taken photographs of some of the best architecture in Rochester.

Pricing Tables

Making a page for pricing sounds easier said than done, both strategically and execution-wise, but I believe we were able to accomplish that by breaking up important sections and giving users the ability to view more details via a slider mechanism.


After developing the site, Adventive went on to promote and market their services. Further down the road they built another version of the marketing site using the original design and Wordpress installation as a foundation for their brand moving forward.




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