welcome to the unofficial

austin ass-kickers united club

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Thanks for attending Adobe Creative Jam! It was really great getting to know you, and to be able to learn about your awesome work. This year Foundry has a lot of exciting projects and new development offerings coming down the pipeline which I'd love to share with you.


More than anything else though, I'm keen on getting to know you and the rest of the Austin design and development community a lot better so we can find amazing projects together. There's so many great talents and opportunities in this city!

Whether you'd like a followup on any advice I gave you for your portfolio, or just want to catch up on what's going on in Austin, I'd love to hear from you. Beers, coffee, remote conference...doesn't matter! You've got a new friend here in ATX. If you don't shoot me a message below, be sure to follow me on DribbbleTwitter, and Instagram for design and development inspiration and other musings. Thanks again!






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