A Brave New World



My name is Bryce Thompson and this is my first post to reach your eyeballs, probably ever. I once tried to write an article for College Humor... Streeter told me it was "not very good", and told a then 17-year old Bryce to "Not quit your day job". Turns out he was right! You know why? Because in 2017 I am still growing as a 30-year old designer & businessperson, and I'm hyped up more than ever.

The software industry is really eating up the analog world, and we're in this weird limbo world where they haven't even served dinner yet. In fact we're more at "drinks before dinner" levels of digital transformation and we're kind of still deciding on the "robots will destroy mankind strip steak" or "Elon Musk will save us lobster" for an entree. Meanwhile it's 2017, and everything is basically on fire. No big deal.

So it goes without saying that now humans have to adapt several methods & modes of technology in a way that makes them more useful than unfettered automation or humans individually. What does that mean?

multi-disciplinarians ARE THE HYBRID HUMAN-ROBOT.

  Digital Design is stronger than ever, empowered by faster, more intuitive tools.

Digital Design is stronger than ever, empowered by faster, more intuitive tools.

Why? Well they kind of have to be. DaVinci, Vignelli, and Norman inspire me and I'm constantly discovering new ways to grow as a designer, developer, and entrepreneur. Digital is such a unique way to look at the world's problems, and more and more it seems that the divide between marketing, design, business, and development blurs. Never before have I reflected on the "What Do You Do?" question with more hesitation. My response usually now is "I don't know, everything?".

The process of design solves problems, seeks context, truth and understanding. This isn't about pretty pictures anymore, and it never really was.

Business, development, strategy, and visual design are all tools in the belt but they don't work individually without the others. It is through this curiosity for context and several learning experiences that I've exposed myself to different vocations and market verticals, and assimilated their lessons into my own services.

In 2017 these different digital disciplines are closer than ever before, and their respective tools, easier to use than ever before. That's why Foundry is going to continue to be a full-service design studio but also broaden into an application development shop (More on that later). Meanwhile, my hope is to partner up with select individuals who share my lean and multidisciplinary approach.

Foundry Digital is the sum of many experiences and tools in a fast-changing digital landscape.


Want to work together?

lets venture into the great unknown

with courage & curiosity.

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