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In 2015 Connor Hood of Written, contacted me with a side-project he was working on called Code My Views. Code My Views is a service in which designers and agencies will contact them in order to develop a .psd or .sketch file into a website. The project was centered around designing screens for a number of pages that Connor had already in mind.

One of my biggest challenges was trying to make a service like this appear unique and creative, without being too unprofessional. It's very easy to look alike to competitors in that space so it was important to bring in classic looking type with a consistent illustration style.


My role on the project was limited to the design of the marketing page, the design of the logo, and was delivered via .psd file to Connor.


Since we didn't have a lot to work with brand-wise, but didn't want to spend too much time developing a logo we opted to focus a lot on the general marketing experience and the challenge therein. However as I was designing the site I attempted different brandmarks that Connor ultimately went on to use.


For the homepage having a clean look was really crucial and so I brought in typography selections such as Archer and Gotham Rounded in to make the overall Code My Views very friendly, yet professional.


Here we kept in line with the design aesthetic in the homepage by keeping it very clean, angled containment, and a slightly detailed illustrated icons.

Blog Listing

For the blog listing screen I was really focused on getting treatments created for posts that have images and for posts that do not so that even though a post doesn't have an image, it still looks good and is called out appropriately.

Blog Detail

Going super clean with floated elements for heavy content sections provided a flexible visual system for Connor to work with as he continued to develop the site.

Get a Quote

One of the coolest things about Code My Views is that you attach a .psd or .sketch file to the conversion and so it was crucial to highlight that in the form.


After creating the design for Code My Views, Connor dedicated himself fulltime and continues to extend the visual language that was created from our engagement.





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