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Product Design


In 2015 I worked on a 6-week engagement for Homebase, an enterprise application for health care professionals. The goal of Homebase was to replace the paper charts being used at practices all over the country, and provide an extensible visual system to make each installation unique to the practitioner's needs. I was tasked with creating the patient-side of the application.


My role was primarily as UI Designer as the wireframes and product strategy had already been solidified prior to contact.


Since the wireframes were in a pretty solid state,my approach consisted of finding unique ways to access the different types of information in a system meant for doctors without sacrificing extensibility. This resulted in some interesting UX patterns and introducing new ways of thinking about what information a patient would want to see about his/her interactions with health professionals.


Prior to starting the Design Direction, I consulted with the client over what applications we were competing with as well as applications from different markets that we thought would serve as strong inspiration for the UI of Homebase.

Design Direction

After getting a strong sense of our design aesthetic through the moodboard presentation, I worked on an original version of the UI with the wireframes serving as the foundation of the interface layout.

Final Direction

After iterating on the design direction, we arrived at this design which included a number of embedded timeline concepts and an overview of your active physicians and nurses. These were items that weren't necessarily thought of during product strategy that were introduced and finalized through the design direction phase.

Flyout Details

Being able to reference the timeline while viewing detail information necessitated a flyout pane which contained a scrollable area for longer articles.

Medications Listing

As a patient you can view all of your medications in one place based on your condition being activel diagnosed.




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