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Product Design


In 2015 while at Handsome, I worked on an application called InQuest. InQuest is an application for IT Security experts that allows them to be able to track down malicious files that are coming in and out of a cluster computers.


My role on this project was as Product Design Lead and it was my responsibility to take the already existing UI and create an aesthetic in line with the business objectives of InQuest.


One of our strongest directions was really to make it appear very sleek and modern, but also taking into consideration that they are delivering a lot of detailed information about each individual file. There are a lot of metrics in evaluating a file's maliciousness so we had to learn more about the nature of the product.

Style Tile

After gathering the requirements and learning more about InQuest as an already existing product, we took to creating simple tiles which represented the more common elements that we might find in the application as we deliver it. This gave us a low-cost way of seeing what was resonating with the client.


Design Direction

Initially this listing screen was the focus of our design direction efforts since it was where we thought the users would be spending most of their time, but eventually we learned that the dashboard is really where they have the application open to the most.



Low-Light & Passivity

For the dashboard, since it was constantly open, in low light conditions, it was decided that the dashboard should be inverse contrast to the screens that a user is actively engaged with.


Advanced Searching

The leftside of the application contained a sophisticated filtering, and sorting mechanism in order to manipulate the search listings. Getting this right, and making it understandable to users was a big prioirity.


Full-Screen Mode

Here we wanted to give the user the ability to dedicate their focus to the listings that are actively coming, and the ones that are wanting to interact with instead of messing around with global navigation and filtering mechanisms.


The Threat Meter

Once you've arrived at a detail screen, you are presented with a large dial that conveys the level of threat on a file. The more detailed information contains links to download the files for inspection and to see the details of the session in which it was downloaded across the network.


Dark Threat Meter

On the dashboard screen there is a representation of the threat meter and so we wanted to cover our bases when the team went to develop it.

Light Threat Meter

Having a light and dark threat meter made the interface feel so much more dynamic and rich.


Dark UI Kit

Since this was originally a user interface built on top of Bootstrap, the client was ready to move into having a UI Kit more in line with the needs of the product. Below I demonstrate the various states and components that makeup the bulk of the interface.



Light UI Kit

In addition to the dark UI, I created light UI for the detail and listing screens which are spec'd out below.



After completing the project, it took some time until it was finally developed but it's currently being offered to enterprises all across the world on a per-case basis. Check it out below!




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