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RIT Online

Visual Design & Development


As part of a collaboration between myself, Dumbwaiter Design, and the Rochester Institute of Technology, I designed and created a marketing campaign for RIT's forray into the online education market with the introduction of RIT Online.

The goal of this project was to create a multitude of marketing landing pages for different colleges within the RIT Online umbrella. 

We were also hoping to connect with prospective students by presenting them with the stories of everyday people who were using RIT Online to further their education. Not only that, but it had to all be done in less than 30 days.


My role on the project was integral to the overall success of the project since not only did I work on the design aesthetic according to RIT's branding standards, but I also developed the site and delegated the interviewing/copywriting process in order for us to obtain real-life stories for the content on the site.


Since we didn't have a lot of time to complete the project, we planned on spending no more than a week on developing a strategy and concept in addition to have some strong idea on the design itself. While that is happening, I delegated much of the production asset finding and copywriting to resources made available to me throughout the 4-weeks we were able to create the marketing campaign. Once we arrived at development, we didn't see it necessary to build the site on top of a framework like Django or Ruby on Rails, opting for a vanilla HTML/JS/SASS build.


For the homepage I was really inspired to bring in the idea of angled orange background elements to complement the narrow grid we were working with. For a brand like RIT, it's really easy to over-do their very strong colors so I wanted it to be really light, and use the orange and dark colors strategically to call other elements out.


Arriving at the services page, you're greeted with a rotator of companies that have hired RIT alumni. For us finding a way to bridge the gap between RIT students and RIT Online student was really important. We really wanted to deliver the message that when you're getting an RIT Online education, you're getting an RIT education as well as the benefit of it's vast network of alumni.

RIT Online Stories

Probably one of my favorite parts of the marketing site was obtaining the interviews of actual RIT Online students who have found success using the online available resources. Not only did we get a strong video testimonial, but we also created an editorial style story by using a copywriter to take what they said, and turn it into something truly compelling and great to read. Not only that, but when you get to each story, you're met with a beautiful background video which complements the story as well. Lots of inspiration from New York Times and other great online publications who leverage background videos and rich media.





After completing the RIT Online project within the 30-day window, it became one of the most successful marketing campaigns for an educational institution that I've been lucky enough to be apart of. In the month following launch over a 100,000 pageviews were generated(During the Summer!)and today they are still expanding and growing the RIT Online experience to more and more potential students and users.




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