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Travel Dynamics

Visual Design


While working with Dumbwaiter in 2014, we created the new Travel Dynamics International website which would promote their cruises, tours, and expertise in educational travel. Travel Dynamics is located in New York City, and offers comprehensive tour packages that span all over the globe, including Antarctica, Africa, and Asia. Not only do you get the benefit of a unique adventure, there are professors and lecturers unique to each tour that relay interesting information about the region and localities.


During this engagement I was tasked with leading the design direction, designing the user experience, and producing the final designs alongside members from Dumbwaiter and a team of stakeholders at Travel Dynamics International.


When going over the offerings of Travel Dynamics it became clear that their service is very unique. Imagine traveling to Antaractica! That's amazing, and so we wanted to try to capture the scale of where these ships were traveling to.

The user experience and overall interface designs were meant to reflect a very easy-to-use scrollable experience with a fixed navigation while having a maritime look and feel. Being able to use their rich and beautifully shot photography and videography was also key to selling their services.


For this project I decided to spend more time in the wireframes, toeing the line of what's acceptable in terms of how detailed a wireframe can be. The concept of a blueprint seemed to be a nice aesthetic to use in terms of relaying the purpose of a wireframe to the client and their stakeholders, many of which that have never worked with a digital agency before.


Cruises Listing

Cruise Detail Modal


Reservation Screen

About Screen







Travel Dynamics was definitely one of my proudest accomplishments since I feel it captured a lot of what we were going for from the beginning of the project. We might have made a number of compromises to launch inevitably, but those decisions ultimately aided in delivering not only a beautiful aesthetic & photography, but made it fast & responsive as well.




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