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In 2015 I worked on 4-week engagement with a growing startup company called Written, located in Austin, Texas to design a couple pages of their marketing site and design a new user experience around creating an account and building an initial campaign.

Written is unique because they connect highly-trafficked content owners with big-brands looking to attract new customers in their sales pipeline. The actual application acts as both a marketplace, campaign monitor, and analytical tool.


My role on the project was limited to user experience design and user interface design, but I also was able to keep the project moving at a nice pace without making the client feel like they were being rushed for feedback or other deliverables.


Being able to determine what it is we're building and for whom was a big question that I was hoping to answer early-on and so I created a project proposal on discovering the true nature of not only Written itself, but the motivation of their users. I really don't know or understand a lot about their business, but was excited to learn. 

I started with first designing the onboarding aesthetic and dashboard that you would land on, and then would circle back to the marketing page to incorporate the newly created application screens.

Brands Marketing

Onboarding Process



Dashboard Drop-Off


After completing the project objectives, much of what I created for the dashboard and the general aesthetic was applied to much of the existing marketing site and other screens on the product-side of the Written experience. Overall, the new onboarding experience was able to convert more potential customers because when they arrived at the dashboard there was already meaningful data already populated on the screen. Being able to get users to that point without them dropping off along the way was a huge benefit to the continued success of the product.





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